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Dean Kamen
Dean Kamen invented a portable medication technology.

Nathan Kane
Invented an improved bellows, a modular hydrostatic bearing for machine tools, an opaque overhead projector for children to view artwork and even a TV remote control embedded in a Nerf-like football.

John Kay
Invented the flying shuttle.

Donald Keck
Known for his fiber-optic communications inventions, Donald Keck co-invented fiber-optic wire.

Anna Keichline
Architect, Anna Keichline created inventions for the home.

Johannes Kepler
Invented log books that he used as a tool for calculating planetary positions, eyeglasses for near and far sighted persons, the convex eyepiece, and the quintile and biquintile (astronomy) aspects.

Charles Franklin Kettering
Invented the first electrical ignition system for the car and the first practical engine-driven generator.

Mary Kies
The first women to receive a US patent on May 15, 1809.

Jack St Clair Kilby
Invented the microchip.

Gabriele Knecht
Patented the Forward Sleeve design for creating clothing.

Richard Knerr
Co-invented the modern hula hoop.

Phil Knight
Co-invented the modern athletic shoe or sneakers.

Margaret Knight
An employee in a paper bag factorywho invented a new machine part to make square bottoms for paper bags.

Willem Kolff
The inventor of the artificial kidney dialysis machine.

Roscoe Koontz
Designed a pinhole gamma ray camera and collimator and helped to design and fabricate automatic air and water sampling equipment and radiation activity measuring devices.

Stephanie Louise Kwolek
Invented para-aramid fibers (Kevlar), used in mooring ropes, fiber-optic cables, aircraft parts, canoes and bullet-resistant vests.

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