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Inventors Famous Inventors : H

Charles Martin Hall
Discovered an electrolytic method of producing aluminum cheaply, putting aluminum into the first wide commercial use in history.

Lloyd Augustus Hall
Invented meat curing products, seasonings, emulsions, bakery products, antioxidants, protein hydrolysates and many other products.

Joyce Hall
A youthful picture postcard peddler who became the big name in greeting cards by starting Hallmark Cards. The history of Hallmark Cards.

Robert Hall
In 1962, Hall invented the semiconductor injection laser, a device now used in all compact disk players and laser printers, and most optical fiber communications systems. Hall also invented the magnetron that operates in most microwave ovens.

Sir William Hamilton
As well as giving his name to the company he founded in 1939, Hamilton was a famous New Zealander, who invented the modern waterjet propulsion system.

Thomas Hancock
An Englishmen, who founded the British rubber industry. He is best known for his invention of the masticator, a machine that shreds rubber scraps, so rubber could be recycled. The history of rubber.

Ruth Handler
The Barbie doll was invented in 1959 - the history of Barbie.

William Edward Hanford
Received a patent for polyurethane in 1942. The hsitory of polyurethane.

James Hargreaves
Invented the spinning jenny.

Elizabeth Lee Hazen
Invented the world's first useful antifungal antibiotic, Nystatin.

Heinrich Hertz
Hertz was the first to demonstrate the production and detection of Maxwell's waves that lead to the invention of radio.

Lester Hendershot
"The Hendershot Generator" was alleged to produce useable electric power in the range of 200 to 300 watts in 1930.

Beulah Henry
All told, Beulah Henry had about 110 inventions and 49 patents under her belt.

Joseph Henry
An important American scientist and the first Director of the Smithsonian Institution.

William R Hewlett
Invented the audio oscillator and co-founded the electronics company, Hewlett-Packard - the history of Hewlett Packard.

Rene Alphonse Higonnet
Invented the first practical phototypesetting machine.

Wolf H Hilbertz
Invented sea-cretion, a construction material made from the electrolytic deposition of minerals from seawater.

Lance Hill
A rotary clothes line was developed and marketed by Australian, Lance Hill.

James Hillier
Part of the development of the electron microscope.

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Hodgkin used X-Rays to find the structural layouts of atoms and the overall molecular shape of over 100 molecules including: penicillin, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and insulin.

Marcian Hoff
Received a patent for the first computer microprocessor - the history of microprocessor.

Paul Hogan
Paul Hogan and fellow research chemist Robert Banks invented a durable plastic called Marlex.

Herman Hollerith
Invented a punch-card tabulation machine system for statistical computation.

Richard M Hollingshead
Received a patent for; and opened the first drive-in theater.

Krisztina Holly
Co-invented the telephony software called Visual Voice.

Donald Fletcher Holmes
Received a patent for polyurethane in 1942.

Robert Hooke
Hooke was perhaps the single greatest experimental scientist of the seventeenth century.

Erna Schneider Hoover
Invented the computerized telephone switching system.

Grace Hopper
A computer genius associated the Mark Computer series - the history of computers.

Eugene Houdry
Invented the manufacture of liquid fuels, the catalytic muffler and a synthetic rubber process.

Elias Howe
Patented the first American made sewing machine.

David Edward Hughes
Invented the carbon microphone that was essential to the development of telephone.

Walter Hunt
Invented the safety pin in 1849.

Christian Huygens
Dutch physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and inventor who was the leading proponent of the wave theory of light.

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