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Inventors Historical Inventions : L

Laptop Computer
The history of the laptop.

Gordon Gould received a patent for the laser - the history of lasers from 1917 to the present.

Laser Disc
David Paul Gregg first envisioned the optical or laser disc in 1958 and patented it in 1969.

Laser Printers
The history of computer laser printers.

Lava Lamp
Post-war England was the perfect backdrop for Craven Walker to create this swinging 60's icon.

Lawn Mowers
The first patent for a "machine for mowing lawns" was granted to Edwin Beard Budding on August 31, 1830.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
James Fergason invented liquid crystal display.

Letter Box
Philip Downing invented the letter drop letter box in 1891. The history of the mail.

Lie Detector
John Larson invented the polygraph or lie detector in 1921.

Life Savers Candy
The history of the candy called life savers.

Light Microscope
Read about the history of the microscope, from the earliest models to today's scanning electron microscope.

Read about the history of lighting - including fluorescent lamps, halogen lights, lightbulbs, mercury vapor lighting and tungsten wire.

Lisa Computers
The first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface was Apple's Lisa.

Liquid Paper
Bette Graham received a patent for "Liquid Paper".

Liquid Soap
The original liquid soap was introduced in 1980.

While the original inventor of the lock is lost in history, there are many inventors and patents still found on record.

The history of music speakers.

Lunchbox (Metal)
The first metal lunchbox produced was the Hopalong Cassidy created by the Aladdin company in 1950.

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If you cannot find what you want by invention, try by the inventor.

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