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Inventors Famous Inventions : G


Garbage Bag
Harry Wasylyk invented the green garbage bag.

Gas Mask
The history of gas masks - Garrett Morgan, Cluny MacPherson, and more inventors.

The History of Gasoline
The history of automotive fuel.

Genetic Engineering
Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen invented a method of cloning genetically engineered molecules in foreign cells.

Patricia Billings invented a indestructible and fireproof building material.

Geodesic Domes
Geodesic domes were invented in 1954 by Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Gerber Variable Scale
Joseph Gerber invented the Gerber Variable Scale® and the GERBERcutter®.

Ghost Detectors
Who invented the ghost detector? the history of ghost detecting.

Glass - Glasses
Learn about glass throughout the ages from the bronze age to contemporary glass. Eye glasses from the oldest known glass lens to the first pair of spectacles invented by Salvino D'Armate and beyond.

Around 1750, the first glue patent was issued in Britain for a fish glue.

The game has advanced from one played with simple hand made clubs and leather balls stuffed with feathers to the game we know today, based on clubs designed by computer using advanced materials such as titanium and zirconia.

GPS/Global Positioning System
GPS or the Global Positioning System was invented by the U.S. Department of Defense

Graham Crackers
Sylvester Graham invented Graham Crackers in 1829.

Grain Elevator
In 1842, the first grain elevator was built in Buffalo, NY.

Emile Berliner invented the disk gramophone, the first record player to use disks. The history of the gramophone.

The word "grenade" comes from the French word for pomegranate, early grenades looked like pomegranates.

Grocery Bag
Margaret Knight was an employee in a paper bag factory when she invented a new machine part to make square bottoms for paper bags.

The history behind the universally popular string instrument played by plucking or strumming.

The history of the guillotine, the last execution and more.

The invention and history of chewing gum and bubble gum, gum wrappers, tins and bubble gum machines.

The history of guns and firearms.

The history of gyroscopes.

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