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Inventors Touch Screen
By Mary Bellis

A special thanks goes to Jason Ford of Elo TouchSystems, the company whose founder invented touch screen technology, for providing the following historical information.

In 1971, the first "touch sensor" was developed by Doctor Sam Hurst (founder of  Elographics) while he was an instructor at the University of Kentucky. This sensor called the "Elograph" was patented by The University of Kentucky Research Foundation. The "Elograph" was not transparent like modern touch screens, however, it was a significant milestone in touch screen technology.

In 1974, the first true touch screen incorporating a transparent surface came on the scene developed by Sam Hurst and Elographics. In 1977, Elographics developed and patented five-wire resistive technology, the most popular touch screen technology in use today. On February 24, 1994, the company officially changed its name from Elographics to Elo TouchSystems.

US3662105: Electrical Sensor Of Plane Coordinates
Hurst; George S. , Lexington, KY
Parks; James E. , Lexington, KY
Issued/Filed Dates:May 9, 1972 / May 21, 1970

US3798370: Electrographic Sensor For Determining Planar Coordinates
Hurst; George S. , Oak Ridge, TN
Issued/Filed Dates:March 19, 1974 / April 17, 1972

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The touch screen is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive of all PC interfaces, making it the interface of choice for a wide variety of applications. A touch interface allows users to navigate a computer system by touching icons or links on the screen.
Anatomy of Touch Screen
As used with a PC.
Comparing Touch Technology
There are several types of touch screen technologies that are available.

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From Mary Bellis,
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