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Inventors The History of Sports
5-Pin Bowling History - Thomas F. Ryan

5-pin Bowling dates back to 1909 when it was officially recognized as being developed by Thomas F. Ryan.

Baseball - Alexander J. Cartwright

Basketball - James Naismith

The ancient Egyptians invented bowling.


Football - American Style

Golf History
The game of golf has advanced from one played with simple hand made clubs and leather balls stuffed with feathers to the game we know today, based on clubs designed by computer using advanced materials such as titanium and zirconia.

Hacky Sack - Football

Ice Hockey
Most historians place the roots of hockey in the chilly climes of northern Europe, specifically Great Britain and France, where field hockey was a popular summer sport more than 500 years ago. The game we know today, however, was first played in Montreal in 1875, according to rules devised by Canadian  J G A Creighton, a McGill student.

Ice Skating

Lawn Games
Learn about traditional lawn games - including Bowls, Cricket, Croquet, Tennis and Badminton.


History of Skiing

History of Soccer
Not much is known about the origin of soccer, however football and ball kicking games were played by the Greeks and Romans.

The History of Softball

Swimming History
Historical information about swimming from your About guide to swimming, Mat Luebbers. Also see swimming pools.

Tennis History
Games of racket and ball (including real tennis in Great Britain, royal tennis in Australia, and court tennis in the United States, all of which are the same game and played indoors) originated from a 12th- and 13th-century French handball game called jeu de paume ("game of the palm"). In 1873 Major Walter Wingfield invented a game called Sphairistikè, from which modern outdoor tennis evolved. - Encyclopedia Britannica


History of Waterskiing

Wiffle Ball

Windsurfing or boardsailing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing and uses a one person craft called a sailboard. The very first sailboards date back to the late 1950s.

General Sports History
A giant index of the history of different sports. If your sport is not listed above, check here.

Related Information
Sporting Goods Innovations
Who invented the skateboard, the frisbee, sneakers, snowmobile, bicycle, boomerang and other sporting goods.

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