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The History of Pez

From Mary Bellis,
Your Guide to Inventors.
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Pez candy was invented in 1927 by Eduard Haas.

In 1927, Pez was invented by Eduard Haas, an Austrian inventor and an anti-smoking advocate. Peppermint flavored Pez was first sold as a cigarette substitute. The word Pez comes from the German word for peppermint or Pfefferminze.

Pez Dispensers

In 1952, Eduard Haas first imported Pez candy into the U.S. Initial sales of the candy were low. Eduard Haas decided to reintroduce the candy with a new packaging that doubled as a child's toy. Pez dispensers had cartoon heads and were filled with new fruit flavors. The Pez dispenser was a hit making the candy very popular with children.

Currently, PEZ Candy is manufactured in Orange, Connecticut by PEZ CANDY, INC

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