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Inventors The History of Mathematics and Accounting
By Mary Bellis

The innovative Italians of the Renaissance (fourteenth through sixteenth century) are widely acknowledged to be the fathers of modern accounting. In particular, Benedetto Cotrugli invented the "Double Entry". Frater Luca Bartolomes Pacioli invented the Pacioli's System of memorandum, journal and ledger, and wrote many books on accounting. Chartered accountants originated in Scotland. - Source "Accounting a Virtual History"

"Some of the earliest known writing discovered by archaeologists has, when translated, been found to be records of tax accounting. Such writings have been found on clay tablets from Egypt and Mesopotamia from as early as 2000 to 3300 B.C." - Source "Accounting & Auditing History" by Marla Matzer Rose

An Invitation to Accounting History
Very advanced study material.
Paripatetic History of Accounting
Accounting & Auditing History

According to The first treatise on algebra was written by Diophantus of Alexandria in the 3rd century AD. Algebra comes from the Arabic word al-jabr an ancient medical term meaning "the reunion of broken parts.''

Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor from ancient Greece, best known for his discovery of the relation between the surface and volume of a sphere and its circumscribing cyclinder, for his formulation of a hydrostatic principle (Archimedes' principle) and for inventing the Archimedes screw (a device for raising water).

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (b. 1646, d. 1716) was a German philosopher, mathematician, and logician who is probably most well known for having invented the differential and integral calculus (independently of Sir Isaac Newton).

A graph is a pictorial representation of statistical data or of a functional relationship between variables.

Logarithms and the Decimal Point
John Napier
John Napier was the Scottish mathematician who invented logarithms and the decimal point.

Babylonian Mathematics - from About
Modern mathematics owes a debt to the base sixty system and tables of the Ancient Babylonians.
History of Mathematics
Short biographies of more than 1,100 mathematicians, with articles on the development of mathematical ideas.
Mathematics History Topic Index
Click on a topic on the list to see that article.
History of Mathematics
A long list of articles published by "Math Pages".
Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal, the French scientist was one of the most reputed mathematician and physicist of his time.

The philosophical school and religious brotherhood, believed to have been founded by Pythagoras of Samos, who settled in Croton in southern Italy about 525 BC. The group had a profound effect on the development of mathematics.

The Protractor
An instrument used to construct and measure plane angles. The simple protractor looks like a semicircular disk marked with degrees, from 0º to180º. The simple protractor is an ancient device. The first complex protractor was created for plotting the position of a boat on  navigational charts. Called a three-arm protractor or station pointer, it was invented in 1801, by Joseph Huddart, a U.S. naval captain. The centre arm is fixed, while the outer two are rotatable, capable of being set at any angle relative to the centre one.

Zero was invented by the Hindu mathematicians Aryabhata and Varamihara in India around or shortly after the year 520 A.D.

Math Symbol Trivia
In 1557, the = sign first used by Robert Record.
In 1631, >,< was introduced by Thomas Harriot.
More symbol Trivia

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Related Information
Clocks & Timekeeping
Measurement & Measuring Tools

From Mary Bellis,
Your Guide to Inventors.
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