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Inventors The History of Loudspeakers - Speakers
By Mary Bellis

In 1877, German, Ernst Siemens patented the first loudspeaker on Dec. 14, 1877. Englishmen, Sir Oliver Lodge received the second patent for a loudspeaker on April 27, 1898. This was all before music was electrified.

In 1924, two General Electric researchers, Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg patented the modern, moving coil, direct radiator, loudspeaker, which become the prominent design for all loudspeakers The Rice and Kellogg loudspeakers were sold to consumers under the name of "Radiola'' loudspeakers beginning in 1926, and were superior to anything previously invented by lowering sound distortion and raising audio quality for the consumer.

In 1958, the first box-enclosed loudspeakers were invented by the Cabesse, a French company.

Loudspeaker History
An excellent history of loudspeakers written by Dr. Steven E. Schoenherr.

Rice - Kellogg
A 1925 research paper written by Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg at General Electric established the basic principle of the direct-radiator loudspeaker with a small coil-driven mass-controlled diaphragm in a baffle with a broad midfrequency range of uniform response.

Motion Picture Sound 1910-1929
Includes the developement of early loudspeakers.

Motion Picture Loudspeakers
Written by By John Aldred on the development of the cinema loudspeaker.

Acoustic Loudspeaker, Home Theater
While working at Acoustic Research in 1952, Henry Kloss and engineer Edgar Villchur created the first acoustic suspension loudspeaker, the AR-1.

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History of Sound Recording

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