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Inventors Kool-Aid ® - Edwin Perkins
By Mary Bellis

Edwin Perkins was always fascinated by chemistry and enjoyed inventing things. When his family moved to southwest Nebraska at the turn of the century, young Perkins experimented with home-made concoctions in his motherís kitchen and created the Kool-Aid story. The forerunner to KOOL-AID was Fruit Smack, which was sold via mail order in the 1920s. Edwin Perkins re-named the drink Kool-Ade and then Kool-Aid in 1927.

Edwin Perkins and Kool-Aid
Edwin Perkins had always enjoyed studying chemistry and inventing things.

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Kool-Aid FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the soft drink - kool-aid.
Dyeing Protein Fibers with Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Art Bottles
Meaning of "drink the Kool-Aid"

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