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The History of Kitchen Innovations

Illustration: Modern electrical food blender
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Food-Related Marvels at the Turn of the Century

By Mary Bellis

Apple Parer
On February 14, 1803, the apple parer was patented by Moses Coates.
The Blender
Cuisinart ® - Carl Sontheimer
Dust Pan **
Eating Utensils - Forks, Sporks, Knifes, and Spoons
Egg Beater - Willis Johnson **
Dough-Kneading Machine - Joseph Lee **
Food History
Green Garbage Bags
Garbage Disposer
Architect, inventor John W. Hammes built his wife the world's first kitchen garbage disposer in 1927. After ten years of design improvement, Hammes went into business selling his appliance to the public. His company was called the In-Sink-Erator Manufacturing Co.
Electric Kettle
Arthur Leslie Large invented the electric kettle in 1922. General Electric introduced the electric kettle with an automatic cut-out in 1930. 
Weber Kettle Grill
George Stephen invented the original Weber Kettle Grill in 1951.
Ironing Boards - Sarah Boone **
Lemon Squeezer **
Mason Jar
John Mason patented the screw neck bottle or the "Mason Jar" on November 30, 1858.
Microwave Ovens
Electric Mixers - "The Mixer America Grew up with"
The first patent that can claim to be for an electric mixer was issued on November 17, 1885 to Rufus M. Eastman. Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), the mother of 12 children, also patented an electric food mixer (at a later date).
Ivar Jepson invented Sunbeam Mixmaster, which he patented in 1928, and first mass marketed in 1930.
Mop - Thomas W. Stewart **
Ovens (see stoves)
Paper Towels
Extracts From Kimberly-Clark Press Release Company History:
Scott Paper Company was founded in Philadelphia by Irvin and Clarence Scott in 1879. Brothers Seymour and Irvin Scott ran a paper commission business for twelve years, but the poor economy in the 1870s forced them out of business. Irvin and his younger brother, Clarence, then decided to form their own company out of the remains of the first. Irvin reportedly borrowed $2,000 from his father-in-law and added it to the $300 the two brothers had to form the capital of Scott Paper Company.

In 1907, Scott Paper introduced the Sani-Towels paper towel, the first paper towels. They were invented for use in Philadelphia classrooms to help prevent the spread of the common cold from child to child.
The nineteenth-century created numerous kitchen use inventions: toasters, potato mashers, apple/potato peelers, food choppers and sausage stuffers were all invented. Over 185 patents for coffee grinders and over 500 patents for apple/potato peelers were patented in the 1800s. Early peelers were made of iron and the patent number and other information was included in the casting. Peelers ranged from the familiar and simple round swiveling rod with a knife blade that peeled skin, to contraptions full of gears and wheels that could peel, core, slice and section. There were separate peelers designed for different fruits and vegetables; there were even peelers that removed the kernels from ears of corn.
Plumbing - Sinks
Pressure Cooker
In 1679, French physicist Denis Papin invented the pressure cooker, called Papin's Digester, this airtight cooker produced a hot steam that cooked food more quickly while preserving nutrients.
The History of the Refrigerator
Saran Wrap® (PVDC)
Soap and Detergents
S.O.S Soap Pads
The Spork
The single blade window cleaning squeegee was invented by Ettore Sceccone in 1936.
The Toaster
Vacuum Cleaner
Waffle Iron
The waffle iron was patented on August 24, 1869, invented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York. The patent (United States #94,xxx) described the invention as a "device to bake waffles." 
Washing Machines
images© Copyright 1998, Jon Paul Berti
** marks an improvement to an invention but not necessarily the first

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