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Inventors Joseph Lee 
African American inventor, Joseph Lee (1849 - 1905) invented new and useful improvements to the dough-kneading machine (U.S. patent #524,042  8/7/1894). His machine was intended for use in large houses or hotels. Lee also patented a machine for making bread crumbs (U.S. patent #540,553 6/4/1895).

Joseph Lee grew up in the food service industry. He worked as a baker, cook, waiter, and hotel manager, to eventually become the owner of two restaurants and his own catering service called the Lee Catering Company. He sold the patent for his bread crumbling machine to the Royal Worcester Bread Crumb Company of Boston.

Joseph Lee and the Dough-Kneading Machine

Joseph Lee - Kneading machine

Joseph Lee - Bread crumbing machine

Joseph Lee - 
Bread crumbing machine

Joseph Lee - Biography
Joseph Lee was born in 1849 and lived most of his life in Boston, Massachusetts.

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