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Inventors The History of Irons
Hand irons are device useds for garment pressing, irons have been heated directly by gas flame, stove plate heat, or in the case of the modern iron by electricity. Henry W Seely patented the electric iron in 1882.

The Electric Iron
On June 6, 1882, Henry W. Seely of NYC patented the electric iron, at the time it was called the electric flatiron. Early electric irons used a carbon arc to create heat, however, this was not a safe method. In 1892, hand irons using electrical resistance were introduced by Crompton and Co. and the General Electric Company. During the early 1950s electric steam irons were introduced. 

Mrs. Potts Sad Irons
Mrs. Potts invented the Potts Removable Handle Iron.

Streamlined Electric Irons
Collectors page on early electric irons.

Antique Pressing Irons
Collectors page that provides some history lower on the page. Smoothing Stones have been around since the 8th and 9th century and are known as the earliest western ironing devices, looking somewhat like a large mushroom.

Fluting & Gas Pressing Irons
Photographs and information on gas pressing irons.

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