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Inventors Fishing Industry Innovations
Reels & Bait

Fishing Reel History
English literature first reported a "wind", installed within two feet of the lower end of the rod in 1651. This is usually accepted as the earliest known reference to a reel.
Fibreglass Fishing Rod History
A military researcher by the name of Dr. Howald broke his bamboo fly rod, and  made repairs using a piece of a fibreglass tube.
Stanley Mason
Stanley Mason invented a clothespin fishing lure among other inventions.
The History of Gloucester Fishing

Whaling Industry
Without adequate agriculture, early inhabitants of the polar regions had to develop successful whaling techniques using Stone Age weapons. Seagoing whaling expeditions have been practised throughout parts of the world for at least 1100 years. The Americans and Norwegians were the dominant whalers in the 19th century but whaling also existed in parts of Canada.

The Whaling & Fishing Industry
A hypertext book by Peter J. Bryant.
Thar She Blows! - Whaling in Alaska and the Yukon
The Eskimos of the Bering Sea are known to have hunted the arviq (bowhead) for at least the past 2,500 years. Whale hunters went to sea in fragile walrus-hide umiaks or the smaller kayaks, with only toggle-head harpoons and seal-bladder floats as tools.
The Evolution of Japanese Whaling
These whaling traditions go back to beginnings in prehistoric times with the use of stranded whales.
Whale Craft
The term whalecraft encompasses all those tools used for taking whales and processing blubber into whale oil through the nineteenth century.
"Two flue irons have been used for taking whales and large fish for more than a thousand years. The seal of the Basque town of Biarritz in 1351 shows a whaling scene in which a harpoon clearly has a two flue head."
Lewis Temple - Toggle Iron Harpoon
The toggle iron harpoon was designed in 1848 by Lewis Temple, a blacksmith, this was the standard harpoon in American whaling from the mid-19th through the early 20th centuries
The different types of whaling spades are: Boat Spades, Cutting-in Spades, Sliver Spades, Throat Spades, Head Spades, Gouge Spades.
"Evidence indicates that ancient Eskimo and North American Indians hunted whales as early as AD 100, finding in the large animals a plentiful source of food, fuel, and material for tools. Modern whaling had its start in the mid-19th century when a Norwegian, Svend Foyn, developed a gun that launched harpoons containing an explosive charge."

Nautical Inventions
'The Maritime History Virtual Archives" naval history, sailing ships and more.

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