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Inventors Dennis Charter
By Kathy May

Dennis Charter is an Australian born entrepreneur whose life has been somewhat pioneering and inventive since his early years.  From those early days of pioneering the Music Industry in Australia during the 1960ís, 70ís and 80ís, then in later years creating innovative Television programming ideas and content, to finally inventing some of the biggest transformations in the way the entertainment industry and the financial industry operate in the 21st Century.

In the late 1980ís Dennis Charterís entertainment industry background and experience attracted him to television and video production.  This interest culminated in 1989 with the development of the first ever computer based editing systems for music and video production in the world.  This pioneering invention and development is now the mainstay of all computer based manipulation of music and video; from MP3 players to the high end graphics and animation deployed in modern cinema production.  This research and development in 1989 spawned a plethora of technologies and platforms in the early 1990ís that we would now find extremely difficult to live without.

In 1990 Dennis Charter had the vision (along with others) that the Internet was going to dominate the way we work, entertain ourselves and communicate.  Investing in that foresight, Dennis established the second only commercial ISP in Australia. 

Born in the broad possibilities of the internet, in 1991 Dennis conceived the idea of developing a Secure Electronic Payment System to be used to make credit card and other secure payments for goods and services over the Internet.  To realize that invention Dennis employed some of the best young computer programmers from around the world, including renowned international security consultant and PGP encryption inventor Phil Zimmerman. 

By 1995, Dennis had a prototype operational and proceeded to travel the world demonstrating how it worked to all those that would listen, (not many at the time because most could not see the potential of the internet).  By the end of 1995 Dennis had moved to New York to launch his product.

Dennis Charterís Secure Electronic Payment invention for the internet is the foundation of all internet based electronic transactions today.  This single invention is one of the most commercially significant inventions of the 1990ís.  Not a single transaction over the internet today is performed without a Secure Electronic configuration of some description.  The concept of which was born in an office in Melbourne Australia in 1991.


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