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Inventors The History of Cricket

Cricket History
First played by the English over 300 years ago, cricket quickly expanded into every continent on the globe. We have prepared a selection of National histories for you to learn more. From About's own guide to Cricket - Shane Dell.

The History of Cricket Bats
Today's bat was invented around 1853, the blade made of willow, and a cane handle layered with strips of rubber, tied with twine and covered with rubber to make a grip. Written and pictorial records of cricket go back to the Plantagenet period, however, it is impossible to distinguish between what may be cricket and what may be related games such as cat and dog, stool-ball orrounders.

History of Cricket Measurement
The measurements of cricket and the origin of the dimensions of cricket as written by AR Littlewood. The earliest known Laws of Cricket, the Code of 1744 gave the length of the pitch as 22 yards.

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