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The History of Christmas Stuff

From Mary Bellis,
Your Guide to Inventors.
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Many inventions have been created for use during Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Tinsel

Around 1610, tinsel was first invented in Germany made from genuine silver. Machines were invented that shredded silver into thin tinsel-sized strips. Silver tinsel tarnishes and loses its shine with time, eventually, artificial replacements were invented. The original inventor of tinsel remains unknown.

Candy Canes

The origin of the candy cane goes back over 350 years, when candy-makers both professional and amateur were making hard sugar sticks. The original candy was straight and completely white in color.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Towards the end of the 1800's, another variation of the traditional Christmas tree appeared: the artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees originated in Germany. Metal wire trees were covered with goose, turkey, ostrich or swan feathers. The feathers were often died green to imitate pine needles.

In the 1930's, the Addis Brush Company created the first artificial-brush trees, using the same machinery that made their toilet brushes! The Addis 'Silver Pine' tree was patented in 1950. The Christmas tree was designed to have a revolving light source under it, colored gels allowed the light to shine in different shades as it revolved under the tree.

History of Christmas Tree Lights

Learn about the history of Christmas tree lights: from candles to inventor Albert Sadacca who was fifteen in 1917 when he first got the idea to make safe Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Cards

Englishman, John Calcott Horsley popularize the tradition of sending Christmas greeting cards, in the 1830s.

Christmas Snowman

Yes, the snowman was invented, many times over. Enjoy these whimsical pictures of snowman inventions. They are from actual patents and trademarks. Or view the delightful design patents related to Christmas trees and ornaments.

History of Christmas

On December 25, Christians traditionally celebrate the birth of Christ. The origins of the holiday are uncertain, however by the year 336, the Christian church in Rome observed the Feast of the Nativity (birth) on December 25. Christmas also coincided with the winter solstice and the Roman Festival of Saturnalia.

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