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Inventors Canadian Inventor Organizations and Websites of Value to Professional Inventors

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Search Engine for Canadian Patents
 This database lets you access over 75 years of patent descriptions and images. You can search, retrieve and study more than 1,400,000 patent documents. International Patent Searches

Search Engine for Canadian Trademarks
The search result(s) will contain the Trade-mark, Status, Application number, and Registration number (if it exists) of the document. International Trademark Searches

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
English/French language.

Canadian Patent Law
Produced by Industry Canada - patent information and addresses specific to Canada.

UBC's Patscan Patent Search Office
PATSCAN is a fee based patent search and consulting service based at the University of BC Library, which has served the research community in BC for 15 years. PATSCAN is a leader in Western Canada in provision of technology transfer information services in the intellectual property area, hosting seminars and courses on the subject.

Canadian Technology Network
If you run a small or medium-sized technology related business in Canada, the Canadian Technology Network can give you access to a wide range of technology and related business assistance through a cross-country network of advisors.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)
IRAP's financial assistance is one component of a complete service package that enables small and medium sized companies to validate and develop innovative ideas. Based on demonstrated need, IRAP may fund up to 50 per cent of certain project development costs. Depending on the complexity of the project, funding can range from $5,000 to a maximum of $350,000.

Manning Innovation Awards
The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation has been recognizing and encouraging innovation in Canada since 1982. By means of a nomination, Canadian resident citizens, who have demonstrated recent innovative talent in developing and successfully marketing a new concept, process or procedure, may be eligible for one of these awards: Principal Award ($100,000),  Award of Distinction ($25,000), Innovation Awards (2 at $5,000).

Women Inventors Project!
The Women Inventors Project is a non-profit organization working to increase the number of successful women inventors and entrepreneurs in Canada. The Project supports the innovative and scientific endeavors of Canadian women through programs which educate and heighten public awareness.

Inventing in Canada
New and tradeshows.


Alberta Research Council Services
Founded in 1921 as a provincial research council, the Alberta Research Council Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alberta Science and Research Authority (ASRA). ARC develops and commercializes technology. ARC will perform applied research and development for you on a contract basis or co-venture with you to develop new technologies, earning a return on investment from the commercialization of products and processes. Their strengths are in the agriculture, energy, environment, forestry, health and manufacturing industries. Their investment focus is on technology platforms based on capabilities developed for these industries.

ARC hires permanent, temporary, casual and seasonal employees (inventors and engineers).

Calgary Innovation Centre
The Calgary Innovation Centre (CIC) assists innovators, businesses and entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and bring them to market.. The CIC acts as a "catalyst" to foster and create new companies with a focus in the life sciences and information science.

Inventing in Alberta
New and tradeshows.

British Columbia

B.C. Inventor's Society
B.C. Inventors Society
P.O. Box 78055, Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 5W1
Contact anyone at (604) 839-9185

Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)
CISTI's mission is to be a world leader in disseminating scientific, technical and medical information as an integral component of Canada's innovative knowledge-based economy.
NRC - CISTI - NRC Information Centre Vancouver
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
3250 East Mall
Vancouver , BC
V6T 1W5
Contact Nancy Glass
Information Specialist
Phone: (604) 221-3035
Fax: (604) 221-3003

Inventing in British Columbia
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Inventing in Manitoba
New and tradeshows.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council Inc.
RPC is a New Brunswick based contract research & development, and technical services corporation committed to providing clients with high quality results at competitive rates.

Inventing in New Brunswick
New and tradeshows.


Inventing in NewFoundland
New and tradeshows.

Nova Scotia

Inventors Society of Nova Scotia
Contact: Darrell Lingley
c/o D.W. Lingley and Associates
90 Camelot Kane, Apt. 216
Halifax, N.S. B3M 4H9
Phone: 902-445-5395

Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation
InNOVAcorp is a Nova Scotia company that promotes, stimulates and encourages the successful development of technology products and services for emerging entrepreneurs in the life sciences and IT industry. Supporting all of these activities is InNOVAcorp's Corporate Services group. They source new projects, facilitate corporate planning, organize corporate marketing and maintain the corporation's IT architecture.

Inventing in Nova Scotia
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Inventing in Nunavut
New and tradeshows.


Inventors Association (Ottawa)
First Wednesday of every month, except July and August, check website for updates.
University of Ottawa, Vanier Building, 4th Floor (Graduate Student Lounge - Rm. 467)
Ottawa, ONT
Contact Gene Shershen, President at (613) 788-0688 or

Inventors' Alliance of Canada - Toronto Chapter
First Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm
North York Memorial Hall
5110 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
Contact Mark Ellwood at (416) 410-7792

Inventors' Alliance of Canada - Waterloo-Wellington Chapter

Inventing in Ontario
New and tradeshows.

Prince Edward Island

Inventing in Prince Edward Island
New and tradeshows.


Monde des Inventions Québécoises
L'Association des inventeurs du Québec est un organisme sans but lucratif dont la mission est d'aider, encadrer et soutenir les inventeurs québécois, défendre leurs droits et protéger leurs intérêts.

Inventing in Québec
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Inventing in Saskatchewan
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Inventing in Yukon
New and tradeshows.

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