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Inventors Otis Boykin
Otis Boykin
invented an improved electrical resistor used in computers - radios - television sets  and a variety of electronic devices. Boykin's resistor helped reduce the cost of those products. Otis Boykin also invented a variable resistor used in guided missile parts, a control unit for heart stimulators, a burglar-proof cash register and a chemical air filter.

Otis Boykin patentAfter graduating from Fisk University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, Otis Boykin worked in a laboratory testing automatic controls for airplanes. He later worked as a consultant for several firms and as a successful inventor. Boykin died of a heart failure in 1982.

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Famous electrical resistor granted to Otis Boykin.

Otis Boykin
He is responsible for inventing the electrical device used in all guided missles and IBM computers.

Patents Issued to Otis Boykin
List of complete patents attributed to Otis Boykin.

Otis Boykin
Otis Boykin invented electronic devices used in heart stimulators and guided missiles.

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