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Inventors Alternative Energy
Alternative fuels are substantially non-petroleum and yield energy security and environmental benefits.

Alternative Energy
The Solaris site has an abundance of articles related to the invention and history of alternative earth-friendly energy sources.

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.
Gives a great overview of the history of alternative energy.

Fuel Cells
Sir William Grove invented fuel cells in 183. They are now becoming the power source for the 21st century.
How fuel cells work.

Water Based Fuels
Rudolf Gunnerman invented water based fuels.

Solar Powered Cars and Solar Energy
Solar-powered electric demonstration vehicles were first built by universities and manufacturers during the late eighties. Learn about photovoltics and solar panels and how sunlight can creat electricity.

How Tidal Power Plants Work
The history of tidal mills, what is ocean energy and how does it work.

Information on the history and workings of water mills, windmills, paper mills and other types of mills.

Related Information
Buckminster Fuller
Richard Buckminster Fuller invented geodesic domes in 1954. See other amazing energy conserving innovations created by Fuller.

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