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Vitamins - Production Methods
The History of the Vitamins
More on the History of the Vitamins
The History of Vitamins
The Past, Present and Future of Vitamins
Vitamin C
Related Innovations
Medical Innovations
By Mary Bellis

In 1905, the first scientist to determine that if special factors (vitamins) were removed from food disease occurred, was Englishmen, William Fletcher. Doctor Fletcher was researching the causes of the disease Beriberi when he discovered that eating unpolished rice prevented Beriberi and eating polished rice did not. William Fletcher believed that there were special nutrients contained in the husk of the rice. 

In 1906, English biochemist Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins also discovered that certain food factors were important to health. In 1912, Polish scientist Cashmir Funk named the special nutritional parts of food as a "vitamine" after "vita" meaning life  and "amine" from compounds found in the thiamine he isolated from rice husks. Vitamine was later shortened to vitamin. Together, Hopkins and Funk formulated the vitamin hypothesis of deficiency disease - that a lack of vitamins could make you sick.

Vitamin A
Elmer V. McCollum and M. Davis discovered vitamin A during 19121914. In 1913, Yale researchers, Thomas Osborne and Lafayette Mendel discovered  that butter contained a fat-soluble nutrient soon known as vitamin A. Vitamin A was first synthesized in 1947. 

Elmer V. McCollum discovered sometimes around 19151916.

Casimir Funk discovered in 1912.

D. T. Smith, E. G. Hendrick discovered B2 in 1926.

Max Tishler and Robert Williams - Inventors of Synthetic Vitamins
Max Tishler invented methods for synthesizing the essential vitamin B2.

American, Conrad Elvehjem discovered in 1937.

Folic acid
Lucy Wills
discovered in 1933.

Paul Gyorgy discovered in 1934.

Vitamin C
In 1747, Scottish naval surgeon James Lind discovered that an nutrient (now known to be vitamin C) in citrus foods prevented scurvy. It was rediscovered by Norwegians, A. Hoist and T. Froelich in 1912. Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be artificially synthesized in 1935. A process invented by Dr. Tadeusz Reichstein, of the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Vitamin D
In 1922, Edward Mellanby discovered Vitamin D while researching a disease called rickets. 

Vitamin E
In 1922, University of California researchers, Herbert Evans and Katherine Bishop discovered vitamin E in green leafy vegetables. 

Coenzyme Q10
According to physician, Dr. Erika Schwartz MD in a report called Coenzyme Q10 - The Energizing Antioxidant issued by Kyowa Hakko USA, "Coenzyme Q10 was discovered by Dr. Frederick Crane, a plant physiologist at the University of Wisconsin Enzyme Institute, in 1957. Utilizing specialized fermentation technology developed by Japanese manufacturers, cost-effective production of CoQ10 began in the mid-1960s. To this day, fermentation remains the dominant production method around the globe."

In 1958, Dr. D.E. Wolf under Dr. Karl Folkers PhD (Folkers leading a team of researchers at Merck Laboratories), first described the chemical structure of coenzyme Q10. Dr. Folkers later received, the 1986 Priestly Medal from the American Chemical Society for his research on coenzyme Q10.

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