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Inventors The History of Transportation
Montgolfier's Hot Air Balloons - The History of Transportation Wright Brother's Flyer - The History of TransportationNicolas Joseph Cugnot's steam powered car - The History of Transportation
3500 BC Fixed wheels on carts are invented - the first wheeled vehicles in history. Other early wheeled vehicles include the chariot.
3500 BC River boats are invented - ships with oars
2000 BC Horses are domesticated and used for transportation.
181-234 The wheelbarrow is invented.
770 Iron horseshoes improve transportation by horse
1492 Leonardo da Vinci first to seriously theorize about flying machines - with over 100 drawings that illustrated his theories on flight
1620 Cornelis Drebbel invented the first submarine - an human oared submersible
1662 Blaise Pascal invents the first public bus -  horse-drawn, regular route, schedule, and fare system
1740 Jacques de Vaucanson demonstrates his clockwork powered carriage
1783 First practical steamboat demonstrated by Marquis Claude Francois de Jouffroy d'Abbans - a paddle wheel steamboat
1783 The Montgolfier brothers invent the first hot air balloons
1787 Steamboat invented
1769 First self-propelled road vehicle invented by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot
1790 Modern bicycles invented
1801 Richard Trevithick invented the first steam powered locomotive (designed for roads)
1807 Isaac de Rivas makes a hydrogen gas powered vehicle - first with internal combustion power - however, very unsuccessful design
1807  First steamboat with regular passenger service - inventor Robert Fulton's Clermont
1814 George Stephenson invents the first practical steam powered railroad locomotive
1862  Jean Lenoir makes a gasoline engine automobile
1867 First motorcycle invented
1868  George Westinghouse invents the compressed air locomotive brake - enabled trains to be stopped with fail-safe accuracy 
1871 First cable car invented
1885 Karl Benz builds the world's first practical automobile to be powered by an internal combustion engine
1899 Ferdinand von Zeppelin invents the first successful dirigible - the Zeppelin
1903  The Wright Brothers invent and fly the first engined airplane
1907 Very first helicopter - unsuccessful design
1908 Henry Ford improves the assembly line for automobile manufacturing
1908 Hydrofoil boats co-invented by Alexander Graham Bell & Casey Baldwin - boats that skimmed water
1926 First liquid propelled rocket launched
1940 Modern helicopters invented
1947 First supersonic jet flight
1956 Hovercraft invented
1964 Bullet train transportation invented
1969 First manned mission (Apollo) to the Moon
1970 First jumbo jet
1981 Space shuttle launched

History of Transportation - Inventions

History of Transportation - Related Timelines

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