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Ann Moore - Snugli
Ann Moore invented the snugli baby carrier.
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Ann Moore and Snugli
The Mom Who Invented The Snugli
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"I didn't invent the idea. I took an age-old idea that's been going all on over the world for thousands of years and just adapted it to our western culture..." - Ann Moore 

When Ann Moore was a Peace Corps volunteer, she observed mothers in French West Africa carrying their babies securely on their backs. She admired the bonding between the African mother and child, and wanted the same closeness when she returned home and had her own baby. Moore and her mother designed a carrier for Moore’s daughter similar to those she saw in Togo. Ann Moore and her husband formed a company to make and market the carrier, called the Snugli (patented in 1969). Today babies all over the world are being carried close to their mothers and fathers.

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