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Inventors Joseph Bramah (1748 -1814)
By Mary Bellis

Joseph Bramah
Joseph Bramah patented the Bramah safety lock on August 21, 1784. Joseph Bramah's lock was considered unpickable until it was finally picked in 1851. The inventor went on to create a Hydrostatic Machine (hydraulic press), a beer pump, the four-cock, a quill sharpener, a working planer, methods of paper-making, improved fire engines and printing machines.  In 1806, Joseph Bramah patented a machine for printing banknotes that was used by the Bank of England.

According to lock expert Sandra Davis, "In 1784, he patented his lock which for many years had the reputation of being absolutely unpickable. He offered £200 to anyone who could pick his lock and although many tried it - it was not until 1851 that the money was won by an American, A.C. Hobbs, although it took him 16 days to do it! Joseph Bramah was deservedly honoured and admired as one of the earliest mechanical geniuses of his day."

The Locks of Joseph Bramah
Joseph Bramah is a central figure in early Victorian lock making and manufacturing. Joseph Bramah was honored and admired as one of the earliest mechanical geniuses of his day.

Joseph Bramah and Sons
Joseph Bramah was a pioneer in the machine tool industry.

Bramah Lock Company
Joseph Bramah was granted a patent for his lock on the 21st August 1784 and set up the Bramah Lock Company.

The History of Locks
Locks and Blocks

Hydraulic Press
According to "In 1795, the British engineer Joseph Bramah invented the hydraulic press using the principle of hydraulic power, and then he came up with hydraulic power transmission, using a pump and motor."

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