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Inventors Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press
By Mary Bellis

Johannes GutenbergThe earliest dated printed book known is the "Diamond Sutra", printed in China in 868 CE. However, it is suspected that book printing may have occurred long before this date. In 1041, movable clay type was first invented in China. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with replaceable wooden or metal letters in 1436 (completed by 1440).

The Gutenberg press with its wooden and later metal movable type printing brought down the price of printed materials and made such materials available for the masses. It remained the standard until the 20th century. During the centuries, many newer printing technologies were developed based on Gutenberg's printing machine e.g. offset printing.

Brief Biography - Johannes Gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg was a German goldsmith and inventor best known for the Gutenberg press, an innovative printing machine that used movable type. Gutenberg was born between 1394 and 1400 and died in 1468. In 1438, Gutenberg began a business arrangement with Andreas Dritzehn, who funded his experiments in printing. In 1450, Gutenberg began a second arrangement with German businessman Johannes Fust. Fust lent Gutenberg the money to start a printing business and build a large Gutenberg Press, their printing projects included the now famous Gutenberg Bible. On September 30, 1452, Johann Guttenberg's Bible was published becoming the first book to be published in volume.

Johannes Gutenberg
German printer and pioneer in the use of movable type, sometimes identified as the first European to print with hand-set type cast in molds.

Printing Press : History and Development
Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith and businessman from the mining town of Mainz in southern Germany, borrowed money to develop a technology that changing the world of communication.

Johannes Gutenberg and The Printed Book
The printing press had developed from the wine press in the Rhine Valley. It was there in 1440 that Johannes Gutenberg (c.1397-1468) began using the printing press in conjunction with a series of blocks each bearing a single letter on its face.

The Gutenberg Bible
(read Johannes Gutenberg's bible online - second version)

The Printing Press and a Changing World
This long, full website focusses on the technical, literary and social history behind printing and books.

An Industry Born - The History of the Printing Press
Printing has an illustrious history starting when Gutenberg built the first printing press in 1436.

Johannes Gutenberg
Lengthy biography

Return The History of Printing and Different Printing Processes

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