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Invention - Year of Invention Inventor
Air Conditioning 1902 Willis Carrier
Apple Lisa Computer 1983 Apple
Atomic Bomb 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer leading the Manhattan Project team.
Ball-Point Pen 1938 Ladislo Biro
Bra 1913 Mary Phelps Jacob
Mobile/Cellular Phones 1947/1979 Multi
Modern Computers 1936 - present Multi
Computer Game 1962 MIT 
Steve Russell
Computer Mouse 1964 Douglas Engelbart
DRAM 1970 Intel
Drive-In Movie Theater 1933 Richard M. Hollingshead
Electric Chair 1888 Thomas Edison
Ethernet 1973 Xerox 
Robert Metcalfe
Fiber Optics 1854 - 1970 Maurer, Keck, Schultz 
Multi - Tyndall, Bell, Wheeler
"Floppy" Disk 1971 IBM 
Alan Shugart
Fortran 1954 John Backus 
Fountain Pen 1884 Lewis Edson Waterman 
Frisbee® 1948 Walter Frederick Morrison 
Warren Franscioni
Geodesic Dome 1954 Richard Buckminster Fuller
Hydrogen Fuel Cells 1839 Sir William Robert Grove
Guillotine 1307 - 1789 Multi
Integrated Circuit 1958 Jack Kilby, Robert Noyce
Internet 1969 Multi
Lava Lite® 1962 Craven Walker
MacIntosh Computer 1984 Apple
MDMA 1913 Merck Chemical Company 
Alexander Shulgin
Microprocessor 1971 Intel 
Faggin, Hoff, Mazor
Digital Cellular PCS 1988 Multi
Monopoly 1904 - 1936 Multi
MS-DOS 1981 Microsoft
Neon 1902 Georges Claude
Neoprene 1931 Wallace Hume Carothers 
Dupont Research Team
Network Computing 1973 Robert Metcalf 
Nylon 1935 Wallace Hume Carothers 
Dupont Research Team
Orgone Accumulator 1940 Dr William Reich
Peanut Products Approx 1880 George Washington Carver
Prozac® 1988 Eli Lilly Company 
Ray Fuller 
RAM Chip 1970 Intel 
Robots 1921 - 1956 Multi
Roller Skates 1700 - 1993 Multi
Seismograph 1880 John Milne
Soft Drinks 1798 - present Multi
Rubik's Cube 1974 Enro Rubik
Tekno Bubbles 1999 Byron and Melody Swetland
Transistor 1947 Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley
VELCRO® 1948 George de Mestral
Viagra® 1998 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
PC Windows 1985 Microsoft
Word Processors 1960s to 79 Multi
Writing Instruments 8500 BC - Multi
Yo-Yo 1929 Multi
Zipper 1851 - 1917 Gideon Sundback 
Whitcomb Judson

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