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From Mary Bellis,
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Application Data Sheet - ADS

The application data sheet or ADS should be submitted with your provisional or nonprovisional patent applicatios. The ADS is a way of submitting bibliographic data about your patent application.

The bibliographic data will include information on who you are, correspondence information, what your patent application will consist of, who your representative (if any) is, any domestic priorty or foreign priority, and assignment information.

Application Data Sheet Using EFS

(Only available for utilty patents) Application data sheet(s) can be authored and printed using the EFS software or Electronic Filing System. The software will author and print to paper a properly formatted application data sheet under USPTO rule 37 CFR § 1.76.

Format To Create A Custom Application Data Sheet

For custom data sheets use see the USPTO documentation "Format To Create An Application Data Sheet

Reporting Changes

If you need to you can submit supplemental application data sheets anytime before you pay your issue fee that means before your patent is issued. You would use supplemental sheets to either correct or update information in a previously submitted application data sheet, or an oath or declaration. Other changes in information would include inventorship changes, correspondence changes and citizenship changes.

Supplemental application data sheets should only include information that is being supplemented, and should not contain information previously supplied that has not changed.

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