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Understanding Trademark Registration

From Mary Bellis,
Your Guide to Inventors.
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Filling in the TEAS Plus application for trademark registration

Paper Filings: The USPTO still does accept paper filings, however, the big push is towards filing electonically over the Internet using TEAS. The new paper mailing addresses for all paper-filed trademark registration is:

Commissioner for Trademarks
P.O. Box 1451
Alexandria, VA 22313-1451

Using TEAS - the Trademark Electronic Application System

This tutorial is not for those applicants who want to file just the minimum requirements for a filing date. Before deciding to file your mark do a search for conflicting marks.

To register a trademark or servicemark only with TEAS Plus:

  • Go to TEAS
  • Look under TEAS forms
  • Select Apply for a New Mark
  • Select Trademark/Servicemark Application, Principal Register
  • Select TEAS Plus
  • Answer any YES and NO questions. When finished, click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the page, to pull up a form tailored to the specific requirements for your particular filing. TEAS is smart everytime you answer a question the form readapts.
  • Added Bonus TEAS is loaded with built in help features, click on the underlined text for each question and an explanation of the term will pop up.

Anything You Need To Do Offline Before Using TEAS?

Yes, prepare the answers to the questions you will be asked when interacting with TEAS, get the scanned jpeg of the drawing of the mark ready, get your scanned jpeg of your specimens if needed ready, figure out what class your good and services fall under and your basis for filing.

Applicant Information

You will be asked are who is the owner of the mark, entity type, address, phone numbers, and email adrress. If there is more than one owner of the mark, complete the information for the first owner, and then click on the "Add Owner" button. Make sure you check "yes" to authorize the USPTO to communicate with via e-mail.

Mark Information

You have to indicate the Mark type either Standard Characters or Special Form (Stylized and/or Design).

Standard Characters basically means that the mark is text based, all word(s), letter(s) and/or number(s) (e.g., THE CAT'S MEOW) and has no design element. If this is your selection you will be asked to type your mark in.

Special Form (Stylized and/or Design) means that mark is comprised of stylized word(s), letter(s), and or number(s), is a visual design element, or it is design combined with word(s), letter(s), and/or number(s). If this is your selection you will be asked to upload a scanned jpeg of a drawing of your mark.

Goods and/or Services Information

You will be asked to complete a list of goods and/or services for your application. Your mark represents goods and/or services and TEAS automatically assigns you an international class code for each (you have to pay a fee for each class). To complete TEAS Plus you must be able to find a listing for your goods or services (the list is huge). TEAS makes this process easier.

Basis for Filing

You will be asked to assign a specific filing basis (or if appropriate, multiple bases) for each class of goos and/or services. The filing basis options are:
  • Actually using mark in commerce now
  • No use of mark yet, intending to use
  • Foreign application exists for same goods/services
  • Foreign registration exists for same goods/services

Use In Commerce - Specimen Needed

If your filing basis is that you are using the mark in commerce now. you must attache one specimen as a JPG image file showing the mark as used in commerce, regardless of whether the mark itself is in the standard character format or is a stylized or design mark. Definition: Commerce

Correspondence Information

Unless you are using an attorney or domestic representative the information will be prefilled from the Applicant Information section. Make any necessary changes.

Fee Information

The total fee is computed based on the Number of Classes in which the goods and/or services associated with the mark are classified. Three payment options, cedit card, automated deposit account, and Electronic Funds Transfer are availble. The fee total will be calculated for you.

Signature Information

You have several options for signing including online signatures.

Good Luck

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