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What are some suggestions to facilitate filing a trademark application and/or contacting the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)?

When filing papers of any kind with the PTO, include a stamped, self-addressed post card listing the mark, the serial number or registration number (if known) and the contents of the filing, such as the "drawing" page, one specimen for each class, a check for the filing fee, etc.

Carefully review all documents before filing to make sure all issues have been addressed and all the necessary elements are included.

Do not file large or "bulky" specimens. Rather, submit a picture of the mark on the specimen. Bulky specimens are specimens that are larger than 8 1/2" by 11" and which do not lie flat. The PTO encourages applicants to send photographs of the goods, as long as the mark is clear from the photograph.

Place the serial number or registration number (once known) on each paper or exhibit filed, including any required checks. If, for some reason neither number is available, please put some other identifying information on the correspondence (e.g., mark, name of applicant, filing date).

Inform the PTO of any change in correspondence address as soon as possible.

Use the status line (703-305-8747), or the Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval (TARR) database at , to check on the status of any application.

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